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Winter Survival Tips with Reeves Weedon

You've never had it better when it comes to playing during the winter. Courses tend to be quieter; You can get in some unique practice that you wouldn't experience in the summer, and best of all, it might save you a bit of money (if you can brave the elements).

First things first.

First things first. To survive your winter golf, make sure you play realistically. "It is unrealistic to think that you are going to go out there and shoot under your handicap when the greens are rubbish and the weather is awful."

Get to the range.

Now is the perfect time to get to the range. Get in your RoboGolfPro reps and start working on each part of your game. Work on both distance and control and get yourself ready to take it back on the course in the spring.

Take advantage of winter greens.

I know winter greens are a bug bear to some. Especially when you've paid good money. However, spin them on their head and start thinking about using them to your advantage. "Because they are smaller winter greens definitely place more emphasis on distance control." So, consider working on your irons a touch more and you will thank yourself in the summer.

Hone your skills ready for spring.

"From a playing perspective, playing in different and challenging weather teaches you how to adapt to conditions, which is a crucial part of being a great golfer." The best golfers can adapt to all sorts of conditions, lies, obstacles and courses.

Warm up.

"Whatever your age, it’s no good going on to the 1st tee as stiff as anything, then announcing on the 4th tee to your playing companions that you’re ready to play now having finally loosened up! By then, you’ve probably lost two or three balls, your score has gone and your day is potentially ruined." So, make sure you find yourself a decent warm up routine. Try some dynamic movements, stretches and finally hit some balls.

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Finally, this winter is the best time to refinine your swing ready for spring. Don't leave it until 2019 as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again, drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf. Don't forget about our Christmas Vouchers now available.