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Winter Survival Tips 2 with Matt Edwards.

Today for our blog we talk with Academy Director & PGA Professional Matt Edwards about some of the differences between playing during the summer to playing during the winter. Whilst, many are driven inside, Matt believes this is the best time to start focusing on any changes you may need to improve your game come swing.

So, firstly, for those listening who are new to Golf. How would you describe Golf during these winter months vs the Summer?

Ground conditions can be dramatically different from summer months so on course management and strategy will have to change.

In a recent blog we talked about Gripping down? What exactly does this mean?

Yes - exactly as it sounds.. rather than gripping the club in the usual position towards the butt of the grip we want to grip slightly lower down just to help gain a little more control just as you would for a pitch or chip shot. Just remember this will have a slight impact on your distance.

And, what would should we be expecting to see?

Similar to above and below

What is happening to the ball when we are gripping down?

Nothing happens to the ball. It just gives you the control that you need.

Is this essentially a new swing?

No the swing will be the same or even slightly shorter again just for more control.

Does gripping down have any effect on distance?

Yes it will slightly reduce the length of the shot but no more than a poor strike. However, during these conditions, keeping it in the short stuff really is the aim of the game.

In your opinion is there anything else we should be considering?

Conditions can be dramatically different from summer months, the ball often not travelling as far due to soft ground. Always try to play for the back of the green. Statistically over 80% of amateurs hit the ball short of the flag over 80% of the time. This stat never changes... try it.

Does making these changes make a difference to your course management during a round?

Yes, softer conditions can allow for more aggressive shot into a flag. I'm sure everyone can remember a few months back you had to land the ball 30 yards short or it would just ping over the back of the green as the ground was like concrete.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

Don't shy away from practice or working on your game over the winter. Now is the time improve and come back fighting for 2019. And, with our new home beckoning next week, we are in a great position to really take that Robot practice onto the course.

Find out more about RoboGolfPro at it's new home Lavender Park, Ascot.

Finally, this winter is the best time to refinine your swing ready for spring. Don't leave it until 2019 as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again, drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf. Don't forget about our Christmas Vouchers now available.