Open Championship

The Open Championship

The Open Championship has begun at Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus Scotland. And, with the weather continuing to remain hot and dry, we look at how the pro's have spent the week discussing tee trajectory and ball flight and why that may help them even more than ever.


"It is mainly about trajectory. You can get the same numbers with different trajectories. That's what is going to be important, how hot you want the ball coming into the fairways." states Tiger Woods in a recent interview. With hot/dry ground the ball is going to roll. and, is some circumstances keep rolling, right into a bunker.

In addition, Tiger suggests that the fairways may run quicker than the greens this week. For all those amateur golfers out there, you need to first work on a consistent golf swing. Of course, once you have you desired swing on the Robot you can start to play around with trajectory. Lessons at Fairweather Golf using our advanced RoboGolfPro, Trackman and K'Vest technology can help you understand the different swings required to create different trajectories.

Risk reward

Most players prefer irons that make it easy to get the ball in the air. A high ball flight lets you carry those bunkers, however this week once you get it over, it might not stop. Could this be a positive for some players? Tiger suggested his 5 iron was rolling 50 or 60 yards after landing in his recent practice round.

Furthermore, course record holder Tommy Fleetwood has suggested that due to the undulation of the fairways that hitting your normal 6 or 7 iron to lay up before a bunker could still land you in a touch of trouble.

The Stinger

Tiger's renowned stinger shot is a trajectory that we hope we see during the open. Keeping it low and controlled and seeing it roll should help Tiger avoid some of the rough that may come into play with a wayward driver.

Consequently, Here at Fairweather our RoboGolfPro can help you 'feel' the Tiger Wood's stinger. And, all throughout The Open we have it available for you to try as part of our free limited RoboGolfPro Taster sessions that are currently available.

Experience the Robot

If you're inspired by the Open the why not come to Fairweather and experience the RoboGolfPro . Call our team and book your session at either Camberley or Greenwich Peninsula on 01276 889231.