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My Robogolfpro journey

Everyone starts their RoboGolfPro Journey for a reason. Often it follows a few months of poor play, high scores and general frustration with the game.  Whilst golf participation has been generally on the decline since 2007. There was slightly better news for weekly golf participation in Britain in the last year. Sport England suggested that the number of people playing golf weekly stands at 740,100, a rise of nearly 10,000 in a year, but still nearly 200,000 fewer than seven years ago. When discussed in more detail, most people cite frustration of the game as the second largest reasons for drop off. This is often where lessons can intervene before we lose another golfer to the winderness.

During January, FairWeather Golf are catching up with various students to discuss their golf journey, and more importantly, how they came to experience the RoboGolfPro and what impact it has had on their game.

Today we meet Scott Marshall, who before RoboGolfPro had had lessons when learning the game, but after 2 or 3 years of not really seeing any improvement, he decided to visit FairWeather Golf.

Tell us about your Golf history?

Well I didn't start playing golf until i was in my mid twenties. Mainly due to concentrating on more physical activity such as football and rugby. I started off by hitting down my local range with a friend who had played golf since his teens. Eventually we started going out on some of the pay and play courses close to my home in Camberley. This then led to me joining a society and gaining my 'society handicap' of 28 which in no time at all seemed to go down to 24 and then to 20. It was at this point i decided to get myself some lessons.

What were lessons like before the Robot?

My first set of lessons were with an PGA professional at one of my local courses. I felt the lessons were good, though I spent a lot of time talking, I was learning more about grip, swing, and everything else that comes with it. Did i feel as though I was getting better? Yes, I felt more consistent with my swing and I found myself shooting good numbers on my society days. This led to another 'cut' which put my handicap down at 17. After this, my scores drastically decreased.  I found myself shooting 5 or 10 shots over my new 'handicap' without any real improvement. So, I went back and had another set of lessons. However, this time, I didn't see any real improvement. Although I was hitting straight, I was probably a bit short in terms of distance which was costing me shots every round. That is when I saw an advert for the RoboGolfPro in Camberley. This promised extra distance in as little as one lesson.

Tell us a what you experienced in your first few months?

Firstly, I had my set up and evaluation. This was a strange experience. I found that really my swing was just not suitable for my build. Once the pro had plugged in my swing, it felt strange. At first I felt as though I wouldn't even hit the ball, never mind getting more distance with the same control. However, after a few reps, and a few more tweaks, more reps and more tweaks, I found myself hitting my first ball. A little bit right, but around 20-30 yards further than i had every hit before. Back on the robot for a few more tweaks, a few more reps then a few more hits at the simulator. Wow, distance and control. 20-3o yards more. So, I bought a lesson pack mainly to try and have one a month, but if i'm honest these turned into one a week for the first few months.

What were the outcomes?

The results for me were as simple as more distance. I needed to add distance to my game to give me a better chance to getting my scores down. I now finally am use to my 'new swing,' and it now feels natural. My handicap has reduced to 14 how (still a society handicap), but I feel as though I'm nearly ready to go for a real handicap. The main thing for me, is that after every lesson I feel as though i've made an improvement. Even when I step onto the range or onto a course I can repeat my swing, and achieve the distance I need to give myself a chance around the green.

So far i've mainly just worked on my long irons, so there is still room for improving my driving, chipping, putting all of which I plan to do on the RoboGolfPro with FairWeather.


Discover the Robot in 2019.

RoboGolfPro® is the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing.  What could take hours in conversation, practice and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®. If you can achieve a near robotic repeat of your tempo every time you increase your ability to drive further and achieve more accuracy.
Remember, this winter is the best time to refine your swing ready for spring. Don't leave it until the weather gets warmer as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again.