Fairweather Golf  Ascot, Berkshire.

The UK's most advanced coaching group now has a studio in Ascot, Berkshire.  Proud owners of the most advanced and effective golf training aid in the UK.

Combining RoboGolfPro, Trackman 4, K-Vest & Boditrack with the excellent facilities within Lavendar Park Golf Club means this new facility boasts an Indoor & Outdoor studio, 30 bay floodlight/covered driving range, shortgame area, putting green and 9 hole golf course.


RoboGolfPro Lesson Includes: Swing & Video Analysis, Game/Bio-Mechanical Assessment, Personal Configuration, Before/After Video & Data Recap.

'RoboGolfPro is the only machine in existence that allows the golfer to finally learn through feel.'

Each swing is fully tailored to the individuals height, flexibility, range of motion and swing characteristics. This allows us to create a more efficient, consistent swing that combined with expert tuition leads to quicker more sustainable results.

The robot can also be programmed to overcorrect or exaggerate a specific move in order for the player to break out of a bad habit. Data collected from users over the last two years show players can gain between 15 and 45 yards through improving both strike and dispersion from just one lesson.

"The Robot Has been Essential To Me And My Success" Bryson DeChambeau - RoboGolfPro Owner & PGA/Europen Tour Champion

RoboGolfPro allows our PGA coaches to design a personalised swing helping you create a more consistent, efficient swing leading to quicker, more sustainable results.


FairWeather Golf, Lavendar Park Golf Center, Swinley Rd, Winkfield Row, Ascot SL5 8BD


If you have any questions please call us on 01344 231120 or fill in our contact form.

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