Ryder Cup Blog | Reeves and Murdoch Go Head to Head

Head to head!

Today's Ryder Cup Blog puts our PGA Professionals Reeves (Greenwich) head to head with Murdoch (Camberley) in a winner takes all Ryder Cup predictions quiz. Have your go at answering 3 simple questions and give yourself a chance of winning a 30 minute RoboGolfPro set up and 30 minute trackman "gapping" session by submitting your entry to enquiries@fairweather.golf.

Question 1: Top American?

Murdoch: Justin Thomas: I think he's going to crush in this spot. He was awesome at the Presidents Cup, and he's the type of player that will both love playing in front of the home crowd (2020 and beyond) and silencing folks in foreign countries. He'll replace Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed as the big dog newcomer in his first Ryder Cup.

Reeves: Patrick Read for me, his recent record is impeccable. I think he will get under the skin of his opposition early which will give him a huge advantage. I'm looking forward to seeing him (hopefully) partner Woods at some point during the weekend. That would be a ruthless combination.

Questions 2: Top European? 

M: Tommy Fleetwood: It's going to be downright righteous what Tommy Lad is going to do to whichever Americans get slotted against him. I'm excited about it and here for it. A Fleetwood-Rory McIlroy duo would make me weak in the knees and might play a foursomes match in something like 8 under. I think he wins at least 2.5 points. AND, Justin Rose. There's no way Justin Rose is going to all of the sudden lose the finest form of his career, in Europe, at the site of the French Open. He’s been world #1,  Fedex winner... Rose has been in too many Ryder Cups to have a great feel for the stakes of every turn in the event, when to hit the gas and how to manage each match.
R: John Rahm, he definitely has the fire of a Seve, He's got that passion that the Spanish are known for. He seems to be playing really well. And, if he gets paired with McIlory at some point, that would be something i'd quite like to see.

Question 3: What will the final score be?

M: It's going to be a close one. Although the US are the favourites, Europe hold an impressive record on home soil- they have not lost in 25 years. Despite the infrequency with which they occur, I think this one could end in a draw.

R: 17-11 the USA!!

Now it's your turn!

So, to enter our competition email your answer to each question to enquiries@fairweather.golf with your name and contact number. 1 point will be awarded for each correct score, the highest points score will enter a prize draw to win the competition.

Here we go!!!