Ryder Cup Blog | “It’s happening”

It's Happening.

"It's Happening." Those two words our Pro's often receive on a Sunday night after "The Greatest Round They've ever had." We often receive these kind of text messages! But, seriously, we love receiving them so don't stop. These day's we don't even need to ask "What is happening?", we just know. We know that 5, 10 or 15 lessons in, our students are turning "The best lesson they've ever had" to the "best round they've ever had." And, you know what. It's happening now! FairWeather Golf, The RoboGolfPro and our PGA Professionals have been making it happen since 2015.

Our Students Story

The starting point for most, is simply, I'm shooting a score over par and I want to get better. We are working with a current student who having taken up the game a little while ago, was shooting (as most do) around 100-110 shots a round. A review of his game would suggest that he was not hitting enough fairways from the tee, hitting to few greens in regulations and missing the simple putts meant bogey or double bogey after bogey and double bogey. So what next?

The game plan.

First of all, it is important for those reading this that today's story is particular to one student. Some students will require just a handful of lessons to achieve their desired results. However, for some, lessons on the Robot are a lifestyle change. As a results, these 'regulars' are improving every aspect of their game from driving, to chipping to putting and everything in between.

Our Student.

Above all, our aim is to improve your golf. So, to begin our student started with a set up and evaluation. Following Reeves initial evaluation he was able to provide an idea of what improvements could be achieved over the course of a lesson plan. In addition, Reeves would map out the plan for our students progression.

It's happening.

Often, it doesn't take long. Just 3 or 4 lessons on the RoboGolfPro with our students "feeling" that ideal swing can lead to better consistency or even improved distance, especially in the autumn and winter months. Then, It's happens!

It's happening

"Reeves, It's happening" shot 92 today with 38 points!

Brilliant, what an improvement 10 shots better than before the RoboGolfPro. Why not check where the improvement is coming from?

It's really happening.

It's happening

So, a few more lessons in and off our student pops for another weekend round. Sunday comes round. "Reeves, played today, 100% fairway though only 30% of greens. Score 86!! All very straight, It's happening."

Awesome, what a performance. The good thing about feedback of this nature is that we now know what needs working on. Yes i'm hitting fairways from the tee, but i'm not reaching the greens. Maybe we can now work on distance? Who knows, the good news is as this is a lifestyle choice for me, I know my next lessons with Reeves is not too far away.

The final chapter.

It's happening

It's not really our final chapter. This story is on-going. And, so could yours. Our student as recent as last week managed to shoot 82. "Played well, Good contact, back 9 was on it. It's happening!!"

What is next?

If your inspired to improve your golf this Autumn, then why not get in touch and see what we can help you with ready for your 2019 season. To book your set up and evaluation of FairWeather Golf click here.