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Golf is difficult, get over it

Golf is difficult. As soon as you understand that then you will be better prepared to improve.  Everyone we meet are looking for that quick fix whether it be through a youtube video, book, magazine or private lesson. However, depending on your needs and your level, real change in your swing that is true and correct is hard.

Here at FairWeather Golf we have seen some major improvements in just one lesson. Usually an increase in distance, smash factor or control. The RoboGolfPro is designed to ensure that all golfers can 'feel' their ideal swing.

It is difficult on your own

This means that within one of our free taster sessions or an initial set up and evaluation you can already feel some changes. However, real change that alters the way your swing looks and feels is alot harder than you think, especially if you have a lot of issues starting off. In addition, it will almost be impossible to figure out the correct swing on your own. Despite, lots of video content and books out there, we believe there is nothing better than working together with one of our PGA professionals and the Robot.

What does good mean to you?

Firstly, it is important when looking at improving your golf that you understand what 'good' looks like to you. The Legendary Ben Hogan believed every average golfer had the ability to break 80. However, does this magic number make you feel better or does getting your handicap below 9.9 make the real difference. According to the USGA's handicap distribution, only 13% of registered players with official handicaps are capable of breaking 80 on a good day.

Dont chase a quick fix

As we said early. Golf is difficult. Our advice is don't chase a quick fix. If you've got bad habits, changing your swing into the correct motion is often very difficult. Firstly, discover what those bad habits are and start breaking them down piece by piece. This realistically cannot be done within one hour. You need not only time with your PGA professional but further practice on your own. Remember, we allow those who have completed their set up and evaluation to book unassisted reps on the RoboGolfPro.  Additionally, you can also secure some time on the simulators where you can practice and refine your swing.

Short term and long term

Finally, this autumn is the best time to get inside and start refining your swing. Don't leave it until 2019 as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again. To discuss an Autumn lesson plan with PGA Professional and Academy Director Matt at FairWeather Golf, Email matt@fairweather.golf or book online here. The RoboGolfPro can help your 'feel' your perfect swing this Autumn. If Greenwich is more accessible, then drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf.