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Your Child and Golf.

For some keen golfers, there is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon with your Child playing one of your favorite courses. Realistically this is a more than achievable past time for most. Getting children out in the open is a great way to support both body and mind. Golf is also a sport than can help children develop a variety of aspects like hand-eye coordination, strength and endurance as well as, sportsmanship, etiquette, math skills and problem solving.

Encourage a balanced development.

Remember though, if your child grows to love the game, and winds up devoting a great deal of time with it, make sure they grow up to be a well rounded individual. Encourage them to play other sports or develop other talents in areas such as art and music.

First Things First.

Some things can be achieved before your child even picks up a club. The most wonderful thing about the game of golf lies in these principals. This includes etiquette and the rules of the game. You can quite easily sit and discuss these with your child as well as allowing them to watch some golf on TV.   The idea of a game where a participant is more or less self policing themselves cannot be found in many (if any) other games.

The Basics.

The best place to start is often either crazy golf (which can hone their love for putting, scoring, understanding how to fill out a scorecard) or the driving range (where a bucket of 30 balls can keep them entertained for a while). Maybe, you could film them and share their progress. If you are a keen golfer with a solid swing, then let them watch you. Don't just leave them to hit balls on their own, watch them so you see when they managed to hit a ball (and get it in the air, which is the staple for most youngsters).

Indoor lessons maybe the best starting point.

If they really develop a love for the game then consider lessons with an instructor, but again make sure this is enjoyable. Indoor lessons maybe the right place to start (especially at this time of the year), this eliminates any weather variances which may make the lessons less enjoyable for youngsters.


When it comes to looking for the right equipment, you have a lot to choose from. Most of the major golf club companies make junior sets. At first you do not need a full set of clubs, glove, putter etc. Start with one iron (maybe a 8,9 or PW) and a putter. Lofted clubs will give your child more than to get the ball airborne (this tends to get children very exited) and obviously putting is the bit where the ball drops into the hole and they score (again a lot of fun for kids).

Look and feel the part

Look for equipment designed specifically for junior golfers. Using adult equipment cut down to size for kids can lead to unbalanced and irregular weighted clubs which may cause them swing faults. Also, why not let them look the part. In addition, get some suitable golfing attire which will really make them feel the real deal.

Be realistic and keep it fun.

If your child turns out to become a good golfer you need to remember to be realistic in your potential expectations for them, keep the pressure off and continue to encourage participation and enjoyment.

Discuss junior lessons with us.

To discuss junior lessons for your child at FairWeather Golf, Email Jonny@fairweather.golf or visit https://fairweather.golf/junior-coaching.