FairWeather Golf Blog | You don’t need to get worse to get better

You don't have to get worse to get better. 

It’s a common misconception that you have to go backwards and be prepared to get worse while making changes to your swing. The point of changing things is to make you better. If they’re making you worse, they’re not the right changes.

The Challenge

This week our blog focuses on one of our most recent clients at Greenwich Peninsula. We have removed his name for anonymity but his story is one we have heard many times. This client is a 5 handicapper and has had lessons in the past. "The pro asks me a few questions about my game, watches me hit a few shots, makes a few tweaks and by the end of the session I’m hitting it brilliantly and can’t wait to get to the course. After a few holes, however, it’s all unraveled and I’m back to where I was at the start." He now believes that Golf Lessons in the standard format don't work for him and he is looking to try something new.

I want to get better this time

During the first meeting its a chance not only to look at the set up, swing and all the other aspects you would receive with most Golf Professionals, but your chance to explore something new. The Robot! Our first discussion is about why? Why do you feel your game is not improving. Usually this yields some interesting information about short game not being consistent, Missing too many points, not hitting enough greens in regulations. Whatever it may be, majority of the time with students who are keen to improve, it can be improved.

Our client just feels as though he isn't improving. Nothing particular stands out in his game. He just feels as though his ball striking is not as consistent as it should be. This discussion helps us get started.

Your personalised lesson plan

Once you have felt the Robot, and had the chance to 'feel' your ideal swing. The key thing for FairWeather Golf is to detail your personal lesson plan. We believe that most lessons as they stand can provide a quick fix for some immediate problem such as slicing or shanking, but it fails to convey a deeper understanding of one’s whole swing dynamic, so the corrections never last for very long. You might find yourself hitting on the range really well but it all falls apart when you hit the course. Especially in the more difficult autumn conditions.

Coaching with Instructor and Robot helps our client really ingrain the feel that should be being produced during every shot. We also look at set up including grip, positioning and much more. We can discuss the entire swing dynamic and ensure that over a course of 10 or 20 lessons during the Autumn that this is really understood. In addition our client can then move from Robot to range whilst we continue to ingrain the tweaks to ensure optimum performance. Within one lesson he hits 10 shots in a row exactly how he wants to. Perfect response we think.

Short term and long term.

Yes, the Robot can help make changes to your consistency, and yes this will have some short term improvements. However, in order to see real improvements during the Autumn you need to ensure you practice consistently. Our client is keen, he books a pack of 20 sessions and is going to visit us twice a week. That way we can work across all aspects of his game. How often do you practice by hitting a driver, then a 5 iron then a PW? Usually never. At FairWeather our client is able to take the Robotic swing and move it to any club. Our instructors can then work directly on each aspect of your game and help you take it to the course.

To discuss an Autumn lesson plan with PGA Professional and Academy Director Matt at FairWeather Golf, Email matt@fairweather.golf or book online here. The RoboGolfPro can help your 'feel' your perfect swing this Autumn. If Greenwich is more accessible, then drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf.