FairWeather Golf Blog | Golf Course Challenges During Autumn

The Challenges we face during Autumn, and how to get round them.

During the weekend the Autumn well and truley arrived, especially around FairWeather Golf academies in both London and Surrey. With the rain beating down and the roaring wind in toe we thought it best to give you our Pro's Top Tips to keep your scores down this Autumn.

Gripping down if needed.

With the ground often softer in the Autumn, some Professionals recommend gripping down on the club. When you play on a wet course, your feet usually sink in. So if you don't grip down from the end of the club half an inch or so to compensate for the soft turf, the tendency is to hit it fat

Don’t rely on run-out.

If you’re a low driver of the ball, you may consider adjusting the loft of your driver to try and carry the ball farther. Once it hits the ground, likelihood is it will stop.

Your chips can easily get chunky.

The margin for error on a chip is much smaller than usual in wet conditions. it makes sense when you pitch to throw the ball up in the air and carry it as close to the hole as possible. However, in certain circumstance depending on lie trying to deliver a running shot could be a preferred option.

You might suddenly be able to spin the ball like a pro.

You can still be aggressive with shot selection, but avoid trying to squeeze every yard out of a shot — take one more club and hit it solid as opposed to steep.

Keep your swing under control

In addition, because you are achieving spin (without really wanting too) you need to ensure you don't go full swing on your shots. This will create more spin which is your enemy during the Autumn windy conditions.

Curve into the wind for better control.

Wind in your face will exaggerate any curve. If you play a draw or fade, give the ball more room to turn. In addition, play the ball an inch farther back than normal in your stance, and squat a little at address for stability. Then make a three-quarter swing, and try to stay more "on top of" the ball.

Discuss lessons with us this Autumn.

To discuss an Autumn lesson plan with PGA Professional and Academy Director Matt at FairWeather Golf, Email matt@fairweather.golf or book online here. The RoboGolfPro can help your 'feel' your perfect swing this Autumn. If Greenwich is more accessible, then drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf.