A Day in the life | Matt Edwards

The 'original'

Matt Edwards joined FairWeather Golf at the beginning to deliver instruction on our RoboGolfPro at our state-of-the-art facility in Camberley. He now heads up all Golfing Operations at our Camberley site.

He has been with FairWeather from the beginning. Matts passion to help others play better golf comes from his own experiences with instruction as an accomplished junior and amateur player. Having moved to live in Spain at the age of 12 he played at the highest level of amateur golf representing his club and county at a national level in both junior and adult championships across the country. Having graduated as a PGA Professional, Matt was promoted and at the age of just 22 became one of the youngest Head Professionals in the UK.

Today we ask Matt a few questions about his time at FairWeather Golf.

When Did You Choose To Join FairWeather Golf?

Since day one before we opened Camberley.

What Is A Typical Day Like For You?

I 'try' my best to go to the gym before work then busy coaching from 9am through till 7pm.

What Are The Most Common Swing Faults You Help Correct?

The main three we come across are Poor rotation, Over the top and early release. Without adequate hip movement the upper body controls the swing. This leads to over the top or outside to inside club head path that leads to slices. Early release tends to be caused by the loss of spine angle through the hitting area. The good news is all of these problems can be corrected and built on the Robot to suit your body type and flexibility.

Describe The RoboGolfPro In 3 Words?

Feel, Consistent, Progression

What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?

I really enjoy helping people fall back in love with the game. It is great to get "that was my best round ever" text on a Sunday night after a student has had a great round. The most enjoyable aspect though has to be the fact that students keep returning for lesson after lesson as once they get going, they want to ensure all aspects of their game are taken care of.

Finally Matt, What Would You Say To Someone Who Is Thinking About Lessons On The RoboGolfPro.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Should you wish you book a lessons with Matt at FairWeather Golf Camberley give us a call on 01276 889231.