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7 things i learnt



7 things i learnt with RoboGolfPro | FairWeather Golf Blog

7 things I learnt with the RoboGolfPro

Today we caught up with one of our students Rob to discuss the 7 things he believes he has learnt during  his lessons on the RoboGolfPro.

In case your unsure about what the Robot is, it is the latest technology that allows any of our highly trained PGA professionals to build any golfer an ideal swing based off his or her physical dimensions, range of motion, current swing and swing orientation.

About the Robot.

Lessons on the robot take place in many forms, sometimes this involves lots of

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Golf is difficult



FairWeather Golf Blog | Golf is difficult

Golf is difficult, get over it

Golf is difficult. As soon as you understand that then you will be better prepared to improve.  Everyone we meet are looking for that quick fix whether it be through a youtube video, book, magazine or private lesson. However, depending on your needs and your level, real change in your swing that is true and correct is hard.

Here at FairWeather Golf we have seen some major improvements in just one lesson. Usually an increase in distance, smash factor or control. The RoboGolfPro is designed to ensure that all

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worse to get better



FairWeather Golf Blog | You don’t need to get worse to get better

You don’t have to get worse to get better. 

It’s a common misconception that you have to go backwards and be prepared to get worse while making changes to your swing. The point of changing things is to make you better. If they’re making you worse, they’re not the right changes.

The Challenge

This week our blog focuses on one of our most recent clients at Greenwich Peninsula. We have removed his name for anonymity but his story is one we have heard many times. This client is a 5 handicapper and has

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FairWeather Golf Blog | Golf Course Challenges During Autumn

The Challenges we face during Autumn, and how to get round them.

During the weekend the Autumn well and truley arrived, especially around FairWeather Golf academies in both London and Surrey. With the rain beating down and the roaring wind in toe we thought it best to give you our Pro’s Top Tips to keep your scores down this Autumn.

Gripping down if needed.

With the ground often softer in the Autumn, some Professionals recommend gripping down on the club. When you play on a wet course, your feet usually sink in. So if

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Junior Child



FairWeather Golf Blog | Getting your child in Golf

Your Child and Golf.

For some keen golfers, there is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon with your Child playing one of your favorite courses. Realistically this is a more than achievable past time for most. Getting children out in the open is a great way to support both body and mind. Golf is also a sport than can help children develop a variety of aspects like hand-eye coordination, strength and endurance as well as, sportsmanship, etiquette, math skills and problem solving.

Encourage a balanced development.

Remember though, if your child grows to love the

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It's happening



Ryder Cup Blog | “It’s happening”

It’s Happening.

“It’s Happening.” Those two words our Pro’s often receive on a Sunday night after “The Greatest Round They’ve ever had.” We often receive these kind of text messages! But, seriously, we love receiving them so don’t stop. These day’s we don’t even need to ask “What is happening?”, we just know. We know that 5, 10 or 15 lessons in, our students are turning “The best lesson they’ve ever had” to the “best round they’ve ever had.” And, you know what. It’s happening now! FairWeather Golf, The RoboGolfPro and

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Head to head



Ryder Cup Blog | Reeves and Murdoch Go Head to Head

Head to head!

Today’s Ryder Cup Blog puts our PGA Professionals Reeves (Greenwich) head to head with Murdoch (Camberley) in a winner takes all Ryder Cup predictions quiz. Have your go at answering 3 simple questions and give yourself a chance of winning a 30 minute RoboGolfPro set up and 30 minute trackman “gapping” session by submitting your entry to enquiries@fairweather.golf.

Question 1: Top American?

Murdoch: Justin Thomas: I think he’s going to crush in this spot. He was awesome at the Presidents Cup, and he’s the type of player that will both love playing in

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Home Advantage



FairWeather Blog | Two previous winners and 7 top 10 finishes | Advantage Team Europe?

Home Advantage

 The Ryder Cup is visiting France for the first time, but the European Team will be familiar with this week’s venue. Le Golf National is site of the European Tour’s French Open. That should only increase the home-course advantage and make it harder for the United States to win the Cup in foreign territory for the first time in a quarter-century.

Two previous winners

Team Europe boast two previous winners at Le Golf National in Tommy Fleetwood and Alex Noren. In addition, Noren has finished in the top 10 in

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A Day in the life | Matt Edwards

The ‘original’

Matt Edwards joined FairWeather Golf at the beginning to deliver instruction on our RoboGolfPro at our state-of-the-art facility in Camberley. He now heads up all Golfing Operations at our Camberley site.

He has been with FairWeather from the beginning. Matts passion to help others play better golf comes from his own experiences with instruction as an accomplished junior and amateur player. Having moved to live in Spain at the age of 12 he played at the highest level of amateur golf representing his club and county at a national level in both junior and adult championships across the country.

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Justin Rose



Is having the new world number one Justin Rose in your team a good thing for team Europe

Justin Rose, New World Number One.

Justin Rose has become world number one for the first time having finished second place in the BMW Championship in Philadelphia.

He is now the fourth English to achieve the accomplishment, after Sir Nick Faldo, Lee Westwood, and Luke Donald.

His second place finish in Philadelphia comes off the back of another one a week earlier in the Dell Technologies Championship, where RoboGolfPro’s favourite son Bryson DeChambeau beat him by two shots.

Justin Rose a local lad.

Despite being born in Johannesburg, South Africa, to English parents. Justin

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