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7 things I learnt with the RoboGolfPro

Today we caught up with one of our students Rob to discuss the 7 things he believes he has learnt during  his lessons on the RoboGolfPro.

In case your unsure about what the Robot is, it is the latest technology that allows any of our highly trained PGA professionals to build any golfer an ideal swing based off his or her physical dimensions, range of motion, current swing and swing orientation.

About the Robot.

Lessons on the robot take place in many forms, sometimes this involves lots of repetitions to completely build the ideal swing and create muscle memory. Other times, this involves coming off the robot and repeating the swing using our trackman software in the bays. This allows our pros to compare your previous statistics and demonstrate irrefutably that the Robot is having a positive effect on your golf swing.

We asked Rob what has he discovered since using the Robot?

Firstly, the Robot does not replace the need for PGA instruction.

The first thing I noticed is that it does not replace the need for instruction from a good instructor. It is merely there to assist. Even though my idea swing has been built getting into the relevant positions to make it happen need a little nudge from the instructor.

In addition, sometimes you experience quick results, but you can’t stop there.

If I think back to my first lesson, I found myself hitting my 7 iron about 20 yards further. Once you get that feeling you want to go back for more to see what more you can do. However, it becomes apparent quite quickly that one lesson, whilst you will experience some exciting initial changes is not the best way to progress. You do need to have more.

I wish I would have found this sooner.

It sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but I really do wish I had found this sooner. I’ve spent a lot of money on golf lessons throughout the years and whilst I have felt some results with standard lessons, I feel as though this has taken my game to another level.

Consistency is key.

I know again the sounds pretty obvious, but when I first started out I was getting to FairWeather every now and again when time allowed. However, following a change of job in spring I have now managed for the last 3 months to get a consistent bi-weekly appointment in my diary. Combined with some unassisted reps on the robot. This consistency has really helped me achieve more consistency out on the course.

Sessions are technical but enjoyable.

My sessions on the Robot with Matt are a mixture of technical golf talk, robot reps and hitting on the simulators. I really enjoy this mix as I get to see improvements in each lesson.

You keep getting ah-ha moments.

It doesn’t take long before during a round between your robot lesson, you are hitting back to back consistent strikes and really enjoying the game. Of course, you can keep working to get more distance and get closer to the pin or out of bunkers better, but overall your game feels better, and you keep thinking. Ah, now I know what my instructor meant!

It saved me money in the long run.

There really is no end to how it saved me money. I was able to achieve the results I wanted in a fraction of the time and I also lost less balls on the course from being more consistent. I tried the Robot out free the first time before committing to a series of lessons. Now I’m on my third set of lessons working more on my short game so getting off the tee is no longer a problem.

Find out more.

To book your first lesson on the Robot email us on enquiries@fairweather.golf.

Finally, this autumn is the best time to get inside and start refining your swing. Don't leave it until 2019 as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again. To discuss an Autumn lesson plan with PGA Professional and Academy Director Matt at FairWeather Golf, Email matt@fairweather.golf or book online here. The RoboGolfPro can help your 'feel' your perfect swing this Autumn. If Greenwich is more accessible, then drop Reeves an email on reeves@fairweather.golf.