Course Change & Swing Change

Course Changes & Carnoustie

The up and coming 147th Open Championship will return to Carnoustie Golf Links this July for the 8th time. Today we discuss a few changes to the "Worlds Toughest Course" and more about RoboGolfPro and our Swings.

Pádraig Harrington was the last champion here back in 2007 when he won the first of his two Open titles (successfully defending the following year).

In the latter half of 2016, golf course architects Mackenzie and Ebert were brought in to help with preparations for the 2018 championship. The firm had worked with Carnoustie Golf Links since 2011, when it was hired to design two and a half new holes on the Buddon course. These holes opened in 2014.


The worlds toughest course?

Carnoustie's Championship Course, acknowledged as one of the toughest in the world -- perhaps the toughest -- takes time to savor and appreciate.

Just inland from the North Sea, which is visible only from the 15th hole, the course is always exposed to the elements. But unlike most firm, fast, sand-based links, Carnoustie doesn't march out in one direction, then backtrack on the inward nine. Its holes change direction constantly. No more than two in a row face the same angle to the wind.

Its bunkers, as at most Scottish links, have vertical revetted walls of turf. But some aren't ovals. They twist and turn, distorting their walls into canted, even convex faces

If you've had the fortune to play it, why not comment on your thoughts below?

Third Hole Changes

For this years championship, architect Martin Ebert made a number of subtle changes to the 3rd hole on the Championship course.  The repositioning of two fairway bunkers and a slight widening of the fairway, gave more options from the tee on this tricky par 4.  A back left pin location became accessible from one of the tees and all this helped to combat a fairway divot problem.

The championship tee on the Championship course's second hole was also moved, while Ebert also oversaw the construction of a new practice tee, the re-contouring and bunkering of the short game green and the reconstruction of the eighteenth green on the Buddon course. This green will act as the short game green for competitors during The Open.

Other changes to the Buddon course included the flattening and adjustments to the surrounds on the first green, and the moving of the forward tee on the eighteenth hole.

Change your swing with RobGolfPro

The Best Lesson You've Ever Had

Whether its course improvements or golf swing “tweaks”, we think both are very necessary to stay on top of the game and perform and the highest level.  Here at Fairweather Golf,  major or subtle swing changes are easily managed within the RoboGolfPro, as “feel” is the dominant learning mechanism.  You can easily learn the differences and then create a natural muscle memory.  As our clients evolves and their body becomes more accustomed, RoboGolfPro Swing Templates are updated so the perfect custom swing is always there 100% of the time.

Your new swing is then more repeating, more solid and more natural.  A doable swing that has been built around your work life, limitations, flexibility issues and past injuries, all the while within the keeping of classic golf swing fundamentals.  Where it counts, FairweatherGolf has a very high “on course” success rate percentage, where you can finally have an overall “feeling”.. and a “shape” of swing to play with.  This is the ultimate goal and not one that’s a clutch of thoughts where trying to play an aggravating game by paralysis from over analysis and positions thinking.