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Fairweather Golf Professionals have delivered Lessons with golfers of every ability from European Tour & Ryder Cup players all the way through to complete beginners.

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  • Instant results
  • Tailored improvement plans
  • Latest cutting edge golf technology
  • First class PGA Instructors
  • Course management
  • Continuous support

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  • No strict dress codes
  • Just show up
  • Fun, relaxed learning environment
  • Every level of golfing ability
  • Simple golf tips/drills
  • Everyone is welcome

Why choose FairWeather Golf?

  • Home of the UK's only RoboGolfPro
  • PGA pro's that still love the game as much as you do
  • Continuous support with your game
  • Free custom golf fitting for everyone
  • Never complain about the rain or cold again!

What's in it for you?

  • The very latest cutting edge golf technology
  • PGA professionals hand selected from around the world
  • Development programs, including drills & step by step golf guides
  • Before & After video analysis included in RoboGolfPro lesson reviews

What are RoboGolfPro Lessons?

Check out our videos below to see how our RoboGolfPro lessons are truly the best you have ever had. Lessons are currently available at Fairweather Golf Academy in Camberley, Surrey and Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range, Greenwich, London. Should you require further details please telephone 01276 889231.

What do I need to know?

RoboGolfPro® is the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing.  What could take hours in conversation, practice and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®.

How Does It Work?

  • Identify key swing faults and discuss 'changes'
  • Build your 'current' swing on RoboGolfPro
  • Apply discussed 'changes' to your swing on RoboGolfPro
  • RoboGolfPro will now do 'your' swing with the correct changes applied
  • Feel your new improved swing for the very first time!

How Do I Start?

You'll need a full Setup & Evaluation; as part of this lesson we configure RoboGolfPro to align perfectly with you and your unique swing - you'll then be able to start your first lesson. You'll need to put aside two hours for this first lesson and we promise you it's worth it!

What's Next?

Further lessons can be booked by the hour or packages; they are still with the PGA Professional of your choice and RoboGolfPro. These follow up lessons are essential to really ingrain fundamental changes and start creating new improved muscle memory. If you know you are going to want multiple lessons, packages can bring the price per hour down by up to 35%.

If you have any questions about Fairweather Golf lessons feel free to give one of our team a call on  01276 889 231.

Where to find us

You can experience the RoboGolfPro at one of two locations in the UK including Fairweather Golf Academies in Camberley, Surrey, and Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range, Greenwich, London. Click the links below to find out more.

Fairweather Golf

Camberley, Surrey

Greenwich Peninsula

Greenwich, London

Booking Lessons

Click the link below to book your set up and evaluation on one of our RoboGolfPros. Once booked one of our team will be in touch to discuss your lessons further.

RoboGolfPro ' Taster ' Lesson
£45.0030 Minutes
  • 30 Minutes - including swing analysis and RoboGolfPro lesson - Test the huge impact RoboGolfPro can have on your game!
Setup & Evaluation (First Lesson)
£120.00 90 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes - Including; Swing & Video Analysis, Game/Bio-Mechanical Assessment, Personal Configuration, RoboGolfPro Lesson, Before/After Video & Data Recap

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The Best Lesson You've Ever Had

What's the verdict?

PGA Coaching at Fairweather Academies

Our inhouse Club Pros have a wealth of experience, (one of them has even played on the tour in the US) and so they are well placed and qualified to provide PGA coaching and utilise some great tools to help them guide you in this amazing and often frustrating game!

Trackman Golf Simulator

Included in all of our PGA Coaching options, TrackMan displays a shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time (data is delivered in 1 second). Along with other metrics, this helps analyse your 'Smash Factor', 'Spin Rate' and 'Launch Angle', meaning the Club Pro can then start working with you to make corrections for longer and straighter shots.

BodiTrak Pressure Mapping

Included in the 1 hour PGA Coaching lesson, the BodiTrak records in real time a player’s centre of balance as they swing. Our Club Pros help you easily understand the 2D, 3D and video images and use this information to quickly modify your swing to maximise performance.

K-Vest Movement Tracking

Also included in the 1 hour PGA Coaching lesson, the K-Vest is a wireless system which instantaneously measures a golf player’s power signatures and 3D data. The system then assesses player characteristics and generates insightful reports for the Club Pros. They can then use those reports to help coach and guide you in an action plan for improving your golf movement. This can then be used each time you come back in for PGA Coaching to see how you have developed.
Booking blocks of PGA Coaching lessons will save you over 15% per hour!

If you have any questions about our PGA Coaching, please call us on 01276 889231

RoboGolfPro coaching works for the Pros!

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  • 2nd go on the @RoboGolfPro @FWgolfUK. The distance I've gained. 7 Iron now over 170 yards, couldn't do that last week.
    - Andy Little - PGA Professional, Little Golfers, Sandown Park, PGA Professional
  • Thanks again for the Robot Lessons.Now I finally know what the swing is supposed to feel like. I'm hitting it much better, shot 5 over yesterday!
    - Kevin Lecocq - Global Head of Products, UBS Group AG , 9 Handicap Golfer
  • It's a remarkable machine and a fascinating experience, i've not tried anything like it in golf before. The idea that you can now hone a perfect repeating swing on a robot that also generates greater consistency and distance is incredible. It's an impressive piece of technology and I'm sure there will be a lot of golfers wanting to try RoboGolfPro.
    - Chris Hollins - TV presenter , 5 Handicap Golfer
  • The Robot has helped me a ton and I appreciate everything it has done for me. It’s a great product. I recommend it for everyone of all ages and sizes. It’s an awesome training aid.
    - Vaughn Taylor – 2016 Pebble Beach Champion., US PGA Tour Professional & RoboGolfPro Owner

'The Best Lesson You've Ever Had'