Kids Golf Lesson's at Fairweather Golf Academies

Have fun, Learn Fast, Win Big!

Junior Coaching at FairWeather Golf provides a safe, fun and positive environment where your child can learn the game of golf.

Our fun, inclusive and supportive learning environment allows children of all ages and skill levels to not only improve their golf skills but their self confidence too. Lessons feature a variety of fun exercises, drills, games and competitions to ensure your child find the lessons enjoyable and stimulating.

Coaching is provided by qualified PGA Professional Jonny Fleming in our state-of-the-art facility. This ensures your child's progress is quick and efficient.

Finally, your child can achieve awards and earn prizes as they develop each part of their game.

Junior Lessons

Junior Coaching (Private & Groups)

At FairWeather Golf we will teach your child first and foremost the basics of golf; Including the aim of the game, golf terminology, the rules of golf and golf etiquette.

Swing mechanics will be primarily taught through the use of RoboGolfPro, our revolutionary robotic swing training equipment which beds in the muscle memory of a perfect golf swing, added to this is the practical hitting practice in one of our 6 HD golf simulators. More advanced students may also utilise other technologies such as K-Vest, BodiTrak and Trackman.

The short game will be taught through a mixture of practical golf putting games, incorporating tried and tested putting drills. As well as the physical side of swinging the putter, your child will also be taught the more challenging skill of getting the ball in the hole.

Psychology and mental discipline will be a common theme to all aspects of teaching at Fairweather. Your child will receive positive reinforcement, be taught the benefits of a positive outlook and how to balance risk in the game of golf. They will also be coached through the skill of overcoming adversity.

Junior Lessons


Private Coaching (simulator & video lesson)

30 Minutes - £25

60 Minutes - £40

(extra junior charge £5 per 30 minutes)

Group Coaching at 'FairWeather Junior Summer Camp'

Our summer camp sessions will run every Monday and Friday at both 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. Giving you plenty of options for your child to get involved. The prices are as follows:

Pay-as-you-go (2 hours) - £20

Pay by week (4 hours) - £30

Pay by month (16 hours) - £80

Children that participate in 6 weeks of Junior Coaching will have the chance graduate the 'Fairweather Junior Summer camp.' During the camps there are plenty of prizes to be won and awards to be achieved along the way, creating a fun learning environment for all.

To book Kids Lessons at FairWeather Golf email jonny@fairweather.golf.

Junior Lessons
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