Been Inspired by The US Open?

Have you been inspired watching the US Open? No doubt, if you had, you will have probably seen the most high-profile victim of the ugly combination of punishing rough, testing pin positions and high winds, was non-other than Rory McIlroy who came in at 10-over-par 80. There were 200 double bogeys or worse on day one - compared to 212 for the entire tournament in 2017. Meanwhile our favourite RobGolfPro playing son shot 6-over-park to sit T61. You can see the full leader board here.


Inspired to play?

For those who don’t often play Golf and with the British Open less than 1 month away, todays blog gives you some top tips on getting started. People take up Golf at all sorts of ages, some young and some old and if you’ve been inspired by watching Ian Poulter share the clubhouse lead or you think that you could do better than Tiger’s triple bogey at the first then read on.

How to start.

Well, firstly, start off by watching the game. Sky Sports now have a dedicated channel to watching the game, and just watching will help familiarise yourself with common terms, scoring, and all the jargon that goes into the game. Especially if you still think that bogey’s only come from up your nose. Having a good understanding of the basics can help increase your enjoyment when first playing.


Learn how to swing.

This is your chance. The chance to learn your swing properly. If you have never played before then learning the fundamentals from the start will allow you to progress quickly. There is nothing more frustrating that traipsing around a course for several hours in and out of the woods, sand, rough and water. Learning to at least hit straight and keep your ball in play makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of the game. Our PGA coaches can help you ‘feel’ what a swing should be like with the RoboGolfPro. So why not pop in and have your first golf experience on the machine.

Commit to playing.

Golf is a social, enjoyable game, which is why so many people play it every week. It is also a sport where by you can play on your own if you find the time, just you against the course. You also don’t need to play a full round every time you step out. Why not give the simulators a go, or visit a driving range to work on your new-found swing? Either way, to enjoy it, get out at least twice a week.


Enjoy it.

Golf is a fantastic outdoor activity that is beneficial for physical and mental health and if perfect for keeping fit, especially as the body gets older. If you do decide you would like to give golf a go. Contact one of our PGA professionals to find out more.

About Fairweather Golf Academies.

Fairweather Golf is the only Indoor Golf facility where everyone is welcome to experience "The Best Lesson You've Ever Had." We are the home of the RoboGolfPro®, the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing.  What could take hours in conversation, practice "and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®. In addition we also house some of the best technology in the game including Trackman Golf simulator, BodiTrak Pressure Mapping and K-Vest Movement Tracking. Call us on 01276 889231 to arrange your next visit.