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Golf Lessons in Ascot Berkshire

Golf Lessons in London.

Golf Lessons in London with FairWeather Golf Academies and RoboGolfPro.

We are the Proud owners of the UK's only RoboGolfPro®, the only machine in existence that allows the golfer to finally "FEEL" their ideal swing.  And, what would take hours of traditional coaching and practice can now be created in just moments using RoboGolfPro®.

You can Gain 20, 30 or even 40 yards distance, cut 10+ strokes off your handicap, or drastically improve your golf game in a fraction of the time with results guaranteed.

The RoboGolfPro Swing Training System is the only golf training tool in Berkshire that allows a coach to input your unique body movements, range of motion, height, injury history and mobility into a system that enables you to feel and precisely repeat your ideal & most efficient golf swing.

PGA Professional coaching in London.

It’s doesn’t replace the coach, it doesn’t put every student into some generic “one size fits all” swing and it doesn’t force anyone into body positions they’re not capable of ...but it DOES get better results than any other golf training tool on the planet.

You no longer have to aimlessly hit golf balls at the practice range or grow frustrated by tirelessly trying to understand & replicate movements great coaches have tried to help you feel for years. Perfect practice makes perfect and no other tool on the planet let’s you find and repeat your unique ideal golf swing like RoboGolfPro

Whether you’re a complete beginner learning golf or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, you will accomplish in hours what used to take months. Book your initial session by clicking here.

For more information or to book your Free Assessment call Matt on or email reeves@fairweather.golf.

Additional Benefits of RoboGolfPro include:

Golf Lessons on the RoboGolfPro offer a range of benefits not limited to distance and control.
  • Better Ball Striking
  • Improved Accuracy Tee To Green
  • Greater Club and Ball Speed Equalling Drastic Gains In Distance
  • Less Side-Spin
  • Learn How To Compress The Golfball/Make Contact With The Ball Before The Ground
  • Fewer Off-Center Hits Which Are Much Closer To The Target Line
  • Feel Based - Neuromuscular Learning
  • Increased Injury Prevention & Added Playing Longevity
  • Increased Efficiency - 100 Swings Precisely The Same Is Better Than 1000’s The Wrong Way On Your Own

To get started you will need a set up and evaluation which includes Swing & Video Analysis, Game/Bio-Mechanical Assessment, Personal Configuration, Before/After Video & Data Recap. Once completed your PGA professional will discuss your development plan before you can embark on a series of lessons.

The cost for set up is just £95 and can be booked on the phone, online or in person. Find out more here.
We look forward to starting your RoboGolfPro Journey this January.
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