The Fairweather Tour : Experience some of the worlds greatest courses from the comfort of the bar

About the Fairweather Tour

The Fairweather Tour is much less formal than your average competition. With no need to pre-book you can just turn up to play, every Wednesday from 7pm.

You will need to have a handicap however, unless you want to just play for the joy of it. However, if required we can sort out your handicap.

There is often an entry fee of £12 with £2 going towards the prize pot for the course winner. The best part is, there is no need to wait until the end to hit the bar. Enjoy a drink during the course whilst you socialise with other regular players. The Fairweather Tour is a great way to meet Golfers who have experienced the RoboGolfPro and enjoy an alternative to your weekly club competition at your local course. Check out our schedule of courses coming up in the next 4 weeks below.

Fairweather Tour Etiquette

The Fairweather Tour is provided as a fun, social alternative way to enjoy a round of golf at some of the worlds greatest courses. However, we do have a few rules if everyone is to enjoy the experience.

First of all, all players in attendance pay £12 with £2 in the kitty and put their name in the 'hat'. At 19:00, the names are drawn to determine who plays with whom for the day. Dependent on numbers, the groups are a mix of 3 and 4 balls. With a maximum 12 (subject to availability)

All rounds are played off the player's club handicap. Anyone scoring over 40 points will be under scrutiny.

In addition, in all rounds there will be no putting (a golfers dream surely). The computer decides your putts for you! No whinging.

Most importantly, the highest stableford score on the day wins the kitty.

In the event of a tie, the winner is determined on countback and the best score over the final nine holes. If the best score for the last nine holes does not separate the players, then the final six holes are used, and if that still fails to provide a definitive outcome, the final three holes. If a tie still persists then the score on the final hole is used.

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