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 Distance vs Accuracy

Would you rather hit the ball further or straighter? Sure, hitting the ball miles is good for the ego, but is hitting it straight more important for your score?

For years, we were taught "drive for show, putt for dough". The theory being that it didn't matter how far you could launch it off the tee if you couldn't do the business on and around the green.

What do the stats say?

Distance Rory McIlory

In 2018, Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau and Dustin Johnson were 3 of the top 6 in terms of driving distance, none of whom featured in the top 10 in terms of greens in regulation during the same period. Whilst, Louis Oosthuizen, Bryson DeChambeau and Matt Kuchar made up 3 of the top 5 in terms of hitting the greens.

Now let's marry that up again the top 10 finishes during 2018.

With Dustin Johnson as number 1, and Tony tied for second these stats easily suggest that when it comes to making a real difference on the courses. That distance is what is required. And, whilst Bryson makes it into the top 10, Matt Kuchar and Louis Oosthuizen are both well down the list.

What would you prefer? 

Granted we have also really looked at 3 or 4 players in our assessment, and for more detail you would need to analyse further. But, the fact that the biggest hitters earn more than the straightest hitters is not sufficient proof that you should blast away at every drive and to hell with where it goes, but it is further evidence that straight and short does not always win the race.

In depth analysis.

If you look at overall results in more detail it is clear that long/inaccurate hitters hit about as many greens as short/accurate hitters, but they produce way more value with their tee-shots. They hit their approach shots from easier positions in general than the shorter hitters and produce more birdies. However, they  hit into dangerous areas slightly more and make more bogeys than the short/accurate hitters. In summary, it appears as though it is easier to produce accurate approach shots to pin from closer to the green.

So what can you do.

Golfer Driving Distance

We all know that both distance and accuracy would result in the best performance, however, usually when trying to achieve more distance the margin of error increases somewhat. Meaning that you are at risk of hitting the ball slightly off its optimum point. The key to more distance

Probably the biggest difference between the Tour player and amateur with the driver is tempo. The driver is the only club that you want to hit as far as possible, so the tendency is to swing it hard and fast, which actually kills accuracy and distance. The key to a consistent swing is coordination of upper and lower body, and if your tempo is too fast, it’s hard to get it right. Tempo is arguably on the most overlooked fundamentals.

Your tempo should be the same no matter what club you are hitting. Your wedge swing should be the same tempo as your driver. Everyone has their own tempo – some quicker, some slower, but the relative speed of the back-swing to downswing remains consistent. When it’s not, distance and accuracy become inconsistent.

Where to robot can help.

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