Checking in on our new Ascot Berkshire home | Why FairWeather Golf is even better than before

Ascot Berkshire, our new home

It has been little over a month from when we moved our location from that of a high street store to the more appropriate home of Ascot Berkshire.

Over the last few years we have continued to listen to customer feedback, particularly around parking restrictions, lack of true ‘feel’ on the simulators and the availability of lessons.

After successfully launching a satellite concept of the FairWeather Golf by placing a RoboGolfPro at the Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range, London, we changed to direction of our business model with our key focus on coaching and lessons.

This location has proved to be extremely successful with many students commenting on the benefits of having the Robot situated on a driving range and the ability to experience the relationship between the swing changes achieved on the robot and ball flight.

We ask PGA Professional Matt why Ascot works better.

So Matt, in just over one month at Ascot, what have you found to be the main difference.?

Firstly, there is an abundance of parking. One of the key issues many of our clients were put off by our old location was due to difficulty parking. Or, having to park too far away. This has now been resolved.

We also now have access to an outdoor driving range. Whilst our equipment is still indoors we can now work with our students on the trackman before jumping outside to see the real ball flight too.

In addition, we have access to our outdoor short game area. This provides even more value to our students, as we can work easily across all aspects of the game. We are already experiencing better results.

And, when all the hard work is done on the robot, there is a bar and restaurant onsite with both a great atmosphere and a great selection of food and drink.

Finally, we also have access to a par 3, 9 hole course.

Where to find us in Ascot.

Our new location is based on Swinley Road in Ascot. For full address and post code click here.

Discover the Robot in 2019.

RoboGolfPro® is the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing.  What could take hours in conversation, practice and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®. If you can achieve a near robotic repeat of your tempo every time you increase your ability to drive further and achieve more accuracy.
Remember, this winter is the best time to refine your swing ready for spring. Don't leave it until the weather gets warmer as any progress made this summer may be long forgotten when you dust of your clubs again. Email to book your set up and evaluation.