The Best Lesson You've Ever Had.

We would like to welcome you to Fairweather Golf. The only Indoor Golf facility where everyone is welcome to experience "The Best Lesson You've Ever Had." We are the home of the RoboGolfPro®, the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing.  What could take hours in conversation, practice "and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®.

We are not just about lessons

Whether you would like to enjoy a social game of Golf with our award winning indoor golf simulators, get fitted for new equipment or improve your game with industry revolutionising technology. You will enjoy your time at Fairweather Golf.

  • Take part in the the Most Entertaining Indoor Golf Experience In The UK
  • Play your bucket list at Fairweather in our award winning Indoor golf simulators.
  • Enjoy a drink or something to eat from our licensed bar and kitchen.
  • World class Professional Instructors using cutting edge golf teaching technology.

Something for everyone.

Fairweather Golf Professionals have worked with golfers of every ability from European Tour & Ryder Cup players all the way through to complete beginners. To get started you'll need a full setup & evaluation. This will allow us to configure RoboGolfPro to align perfectly with you and your unique swing. Following this you'll then be able to start "The Best Lesson You've Ever Had."

The next step.

Further lessons can be booked by the hour or in packages. All lessons are still with the PGA Professional of your choice and will include time on the RoboGolfPro. These follow up lessons are essential to really ingrain the fundamental changes from your set up and evaluation and start creating new improved muscle memory.

In short, Fairweather Golf and RoboGolfPro gives you the six star lessons you've been searching for, which is why we call it "The Best Lesson You've Ever Had."





About The Fairweather Golf Team

We sound like the beginning of a joke.

An Englishman, an American and a Spaniard start a golf business..... you can make up the rest. Which ever way you look at us we aim to bring you the "Best Lesson You've Ever Had."

The American...

Nate Weidner runs the business day to day and heads up instruction, a great guy with some impressive credentials, having played on the tour in the US and subsequently having taught at some of the most prestigious golf clubs on the west coast. He's also one of the only guys globally to be awarded the Master instructor certificate from RoboGolfPro (high praise indeed).

The Spaniard!

Matt Edwards is the Spaniard, an English guy who spent his formative years in northern Spain, he didn't speak the lingo so subsequently no one spoke to him...... which left loads of time to practice his impressive golf swing! In fact, so much time he won a bunch of national Amateur tournaments before turning pro. He was also one of the youngest guys in the UK to achieve head pro status.

The Englishman

.... and finally me. The Englishman. A local boy with limited golfing talent/no golfing talent. I do love the game though. Having had success in other business ventures I decided I wanted to build my next business in area that I could enjoy. So come down and meet us in Camberley, Surrey!

Find more information about our golf instructors Nate and Matt.

Our Happy Clients

  • 2nd go on the @RoboGolfPro @FWgolfUK. The distance I've gained. 7 Iron now over 170 yards, couldn't do that last week.
    - Andy Little - PGA Professional, Little Golfers, Sandown Park, PGA Professional
  • Thanks again for the Robot Lessons.Now I finally know what the swing is supposed to feel like. I'm hitting it much better, shot 5 over yesterday!
    - Kevin Lecocq - Global Head of Products, UBS Group AG , 9 Handicap Golfer
  • It's a remarkable machine and a fascinating experience, i've not tried anything like it in golf before. The idea that you can now hone a perfect repeating swing on a robot that also generates greater consistency and distance is incredible. It's an impressive piece of technology and I'm sure there will be a lot of golfers wanting to try RoboGolfPro.
    - Chris Hollins - TV presenter , 5 Handicap Golfer
  • The Robot has helped me a ton and I appreciate everything it has done for me. It’s a great product. I recommend it for everyone of all ages and sizes. It’s an awesome training aid.
    - Vaughn Taylor – 2016 Pebble Beach Champion., US PGA Tour Professional & RoboGolfPro Owner

Opening Times

FairWeather Pros are highly skilled and trained to take your game to the next level.

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Tuesday : 10am - 10pm
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Friday : 10am - 10pm
Saturday : 10am - 10pm
Sunday : 10am - 10pm

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